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Breastfeeding to sleep – how can you end it?

Breastfeeding is an integral part of nourishing a baby. It certainly creates a special bond between you and your baby. More importantly, it is a scientific-proven fact that breastmilk is bounds and leaps healthier the formula. However, a lot of mothers now are professionals alongside being a mom, having a baby crave to suckle from your breast in order to fall asleep can be a drag and sometimes downright disruptive of your daily life. In the following article, I will discuss steps to help you end the sleep-suckle association.

Encouraging your infant baby to go to sleep while latching can lead to more troubling problems as the baby grows. Toddlers have been known to continue wanting to breastfeed, and the worst part of it is they do not have this urge out of hunger but because of sheer force of habit. With that being said, it is easier to end the habit while your baby is not more than a few months old and easier to train. The following three techniques are the summaries of ways you can prevent your baby from breastfeeding to sleep.

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